One of the premier pop-up comedy shows produced in the greater Los Angeles area. 

The You Don't Know Me Yet comedy showcase, was created to give rising comedians the opportunity to perform for a live audience without the pressure of club promoters and event coordinators. By creating an environment produced and directed by the selected six; the audience will be engaged in the comedic art form in a way that has never been done before. With a live taping production set for our new web series, it will help build the comedic pedigree to propel these young comics to the next level of their careers.         

How It all works

Six anonymously booked comedians are given a black envelope by our staff. Each comedian has 24 hours after receiving the invitation, to fill in the blank, " You don't know me yet but__________________" . This one line will become the foundation of their 12 minutes set as they introduce themselves to the audience.


The selection process

We wanted to find a new way to farm talent in the L.A comedy scene. Comedians from all over the country travel west to break into the industry; Some times, some of the sharpest minds get overlooked. So collectively we have done over one hundred hours of scouting in some of L.A's premier underground circuits. 

If you think being apart of the six is something that piques your interest, keep getting up, keep grinding and putting yourself out there. We are always looking for new talent to showcase at one of our events, and we are always watching.